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Lescale Cosmetics

Luxe Lash has developed revolutionary products and always responds flexibly to any market conditions, so new technologies should not be an obstacle but a welcome challenge.

New trends in cosmetics and skin care are adopted and implemented as quickly as possible due to short decision-making. This, of course, includes close cooperation and ongoing dialogue with Luxe Lash’s most important capital: a customer! In addition, the latest research results are in new emerging products. This means that Luxe Lash products can be consistently called modern, timeless and yet very effective.

Our products are manufactured in Germany and thus in high professional quality.

In addition, all skin care lines are dermatologically tested and highly compatible with the skin.

To maintain this high standard, Luxe Lash works closely with laboratories, testing and dermatologists. This is confirmed by the German Research Laboratory Derma test, leading research laboratory in the field of skin care, and therefore a high quality of the products is guaranteed for the customer.

An important milestone in Seville Premium Cosmetics is the creation of your own serum for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum by Lux Lash

Long eyelashes make it possible to simulate the look of Marilyn Monroe – dream of long lashes for many women who are not naturally endowed with these beautiful and long lashes. Using such a product was probably a problem in the past!

High quality Luxe Lash products allow you to have a dense and glossy line of eyelashes after a few weeks – Try it!

This product is undoubtedly one of the most popular products on the market. And that’s no coincidence!

Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum by Luxe Lash

The innovative Luxe Lash Serum contains highly effective ingredients that give you strong, long eyelashes and eyebrows in the shortest possible time. The unique combination of active ingredients works exactly where it is needed: at the root of lashes. The root is stimulated in such a way that hair grows longer and better, and most importantly, it does not seem too fast. This means that the natural growth time of eyelashes is protected and maintained. Results are worth seeing! After a few weeks of use, your lashes will be as strong as you want: stronger, longer, more precise and even a little darker. After application, many women do not feel any need to use mascara. At the same time, eyelashes are intensively nourished and get an extraordinary shine. The overall look of lashes is completely different.

Nowadays, many professional publications are describing undeniable effects of Luxe Lash. Eyelashes highlight the natural beauty of eyes, in case of being strong and long enough. With our products, every woman can have beautiful lashes – for a seductive look.

Products with impressive results

Even fragile lashes become stronger within two weeks of using Luxe Lash Premium cosmetic products. In addition, each serum of this series can also be used on eyebrows to achieve the same effect: a combination of fine and dense eyebrow with longer lashes provides a perfect frame for female eyes. The first effect can be seen after two weeks of using Luxe Lash, while excellent results can be obtained after 6-8 weeks.

Luxe Lash will refine your eyelashes in a single moment. Naturally, these days nobody has to accept short, brittle and damaged lashes.

When it comes to Luxe Lash products’ prices, they are more than favourable. Larger packages containing 7 ml Luxe Lash Premium Cosmetics products are the cheapest in the market among many brands – and one of the most effective. All products are dermatologically tested, which means that any undesirable side effects or skin irritation are excluded.